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Revolutionising EDI with
PEPPOL einvoicing Integration

Transform Your Transactions with HQengine's Innovative Service

Our innovative service aims to bridge the gap between traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems and the modern Peppol network. By converting EDI invoices to JSON, storing them, and converting them to Peppol BIS Billing format (and vice versa), the service facilitates seamless cross-platform transactions, ensuring compatibility and compliance with diverse invoicing standards. As a matter of fact, this service addresses a significant need in the market for efficient invoice processing across completely different standards, bridging two different business worlds.

Our Customers

Businesses currently using EDI for invoicing and seeking to expand their operations to regions where Peppol is prevalent.

Companies in the Peppol network looking to transact with partners still using EDI systems.

ERP and accounting software providers who want to integrate both EDI and Peppol capabilities into their solutions.

Key Features

EDI to JSON Conversion

Converts traditional EDI invoice formats into a more flexible and modern JSON format.

JSON Storage

Securely stores invoice data in JSON format in a database, allowing for easy access and manipulation.

JSON to Peppol Conversion

Transforms JSON-formatted invoices into Peppol BIS Billing format for transmission over the Peppol network.

Peppol to JSON Conversion

Receives Peppol BIS Billing invoices and converts them into JSON for internal processing.

JSON to EDI Conversion

Converts JSON-formatted data back into EDI format for businesses still operating with traditional systems.

Compliance and Validation

Ensures that all conversions meet the specific standards and validation rules of both EDI and Peppol formats.

Integration Capabilities

Offers APIs for integration with existing ERP, accounting software, and other business systems.

Our Value Proposition

Enhanced Compatibility

Enables businesses to communicate with a broader range of trading partners, regardless of the invoicing systems they use.

Cost Efficiency

Reduces the need for manual data entry and multiple system integrations, leading to cost savings.

Compliance Assurance

Ensures that invoices are compliant with regional standards

Streamlined Operations

Automates the invoice conversion process, leading to faster processing times and improved operational efficiency.

Data Centralization

Provides a centralised database for storing and managing invoice data, enhancing data accessibility and analytics.

Revolutionize Your Business Transactions with Seamless Integration

Are you tired of grappling with the challenges of managing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems while navigating the complexities of the modern Peppol network? Look no further! Our groundbreaking service is designed to be the ultimate bridge between traditional EDI and the cutting-edge Peppol network.

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