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Cost Optimisation

Transactions, Process & Data

Orchestration + AI + Fraud Protection 

HQengine - PEPPOL eInvoicing people
HQengine - PEPPOL eInvoicing working professionals


Transaction processes
for any business, large or small

Simplify both buying and selling with streamlined document handling and workflows

HQengine - PEPPOL eInvoicing Sell AR management


From quotes to cash in your bank,

managing sales transactions is a breeze

Handle quoting, orders, invoices, accounts receivable, and contracts all in one place.

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HQengine - PEPPOL eInvoicing spend management


Take control of your purchasing process from procurement to payment

Manage buying invoices, orders, accounts payable, and contracts effortlessly in any format.

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Transition effortlessly to a digital landscape with rapid e-transactions and external feeds  

PEPPOL, EDI, cXML and precise line level OCR extraction, paving the way for paperless stand alone or Integrated operations connecting with your favourite applications in one User interface

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Fraud Protection & Compliance

Safeguard every step of your transactions, processes and Data 

Robust Continuous Control monitoring of every transaction and action, Payment Controls with Bank Account verifications, KYC - Know your Customer, Supplier and User

Digital Transformation

Empower your
digital journey

Reduce Ongoing Costs

Slash transaction costs from $50-$80 each to a remarkable

$0.X-$5 optimising your operational budget

increase efficiency, automation  & speed 

all your transactions, processes & data
in a one User Interface

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Connect all your Apps,  ERP/Accounting applications to the HQengine platform in one easy step. Transition to a fully digital landscape with rapid e-transactions intake using PEPPOL,  EDI, cXML and precise line level OCR extraction

Experience enhanced transactional velocity shortening approval and payment cycles in your end to end 

accounts payable and receivables processes

Fraud Protection

Minimise risks and fortify your financial health with our embedded continuous fraud control monitoring

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Transaction fraud detection

transaction fraud detection. ABN Checks, Duplicate Checks, Anomaly detection, Delivery Address checks, Workflow enforcement and more

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Know Your Customer

KYC Know your customer checks with enhanced due diligence using a number of key sources at the time of creation and ongoing as a total control measure

Your data's safe 

Trust in our premier Vault Security on AWS, upholding the pinnacle of global standards 

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Payment fraud detection 
with  Bank Account verification

We verify Bank Accounts in 145 Australian financial Institutions in real time to ensure the right Bank Account is used 

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Know Your Supplier

Embedded  KYS-based supplier checks, employing robust due diligence with various reliable sources, both initially and continuously, to guarantee comprehensive control and mitigate potential risks.

Expense fraud detection

Ensure policy compliance with cutting-edge receipt recognition for streamlined management

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Know your User

Multiple User Fraud prevention controls User Access Management with embedded Segregation of duties and DoA Delegation of Authority,  extensive Logs, 2 way factor authentication - SMS & Authenticator App, Single Sign On 

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Price fraud detection

Continuous price monitoring checking all invoice pricing charges (including freight) & allowances (discounts and rebates) against contracts from structured or unstructured data

Increase visibility and reduce errors
from Clean Data


Real time Information to support drive business decisions & execution

Leverage embedded AI and insights to guide your strategies and outpace competitors

Intelligent Quick reporting, Analytics & Insights

Manage your business areas effectively with live information and management tools at your fingertips

AI Real-time spend classification

Gain insights with live spend classification, including UNSPSC, for efficient tracking and management of your spending

A modular solution that scales with you

Grow at your own pace. Our platform adjusts to your needs, providing a seamless experience no matter the size of your business

from a Highly Expert Team

Our Team has delivered multiple successful

Digital Transformation Projects including S2C & P2P in the following Tier One Organisations:


Supported with platform services

Set up with ease  
and dive deeper with our tailored services

Seamlessly transition or connect your operations to our platform for immediate efficiency gains

Ongoing tech support, platform monitoring, and managed integrations

Switch your suppliers to our platform for all-digital, hassle-free transactions with global transaction interoperability

Inspect and recover accounts payable and receivable with precision

Pre- and post-launch data cleaning, catalogue updates, and data verification services

Advanced training programs to make the most out of your HQengine experience

Expert Advise
Tailored advice to maximise gains from your digital transformation journey

We'll develop additional features just for you, fitting the HQengine platform to any special needs


Accredited PEPPOL access point in the
European Union, Australia & New Zealand

HQengine PEPPOL Access Point Certified Provider
Australian Government - HQengine is accredited by Australian Taxation Office
HQengine is accredited by New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
HQengine is based in Australia, connected globally

Globally connected,
rooted in Australia

Engineered, managed, and supported on Australian soil, HQengine is securely hosted in Sydney's AWS data centres, fortified with bank-grade security measures.

HQengine - PEPPOL eInvoicing support

You're never alone in your transition & operation

Our dedicated support team is here to guide you every step of the way to a more efficient future.

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