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HQengine joins in the collaborative e-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2023

Updated: Jan 29

The e-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2023 has concluded, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards global eInvoicing standardisation. Among the key participants, our Product Owner Anthony Sarris participated together with other Australian eInvoicing providers, engaging in discussions about the latest in PEPPOL Access Points and the broader scope of eInvoicing solutions.

HQengine joins Exchange Summit 2023
e-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2023 in Singapore #EXCS23

Throughout the summit, HQengine met with fellow Australian PEPPOL providers like XERO, Tickstar, and Link4, sharing experiences and insights into the development of cutting-edge eInvoicing technologies. The event provided a platform for these industry leaders to align strategies, paving the way for the broader adoption of PEPPOL standards in the region.

The commendable organisation by Johannes von Mulert facilitated an environment full of knowledge sharing, with experts from eInvoicing providers and contributing to the rich tapestry of ideas.

Day 2 brought an international dimension into focus, with representatives from the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia, discussing the collaboration necessary to expand PEPPOL and standardise transactions across borders. The panel, moderated by Robert Tay and featuring Mark Stockwell, Craig Smith, Seong Wah Geok, Hiroyuki Kato, and Saiful Izwan Mohd Shazali, offered invaluable perspectives on regional cooperation.

André Hoddevik, Secretary General of OpenPeppol, added a global perspective to the summit, with his participation underscoring the commitment to fostering open and standardised eInvoicing practices internationally. The Open PEPPOL team's workshops and sessions contributed greatly to the strategic dialogue, reinforcing the summit's role as a hub of international eInvoicing policy-making.

HQengine joins Exchange Summit 2023
Anthony Sarris, HQengine

With eInvoicing rapidly gaining momentum in Australia and worldwide, HQengine's involvement in the summit underscores its commitment to this digital transformation. The progress made at this year's event sets the stage for a future where eInvoicing is a fundamental component of business transactions globally.

As the industry looks forward to future summits, the groundwork laid at this year's event is set to drive the eInvoicing agenda forward, creating a digitized and efficient future for businesses around the world.


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